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Postby Guest » Wed Apr 07, 2021 11:30 pm

Guest wrote:The Beaumont guy is getting loud. He's on every news station insisting we need more restrictions now.

Makes you wonder if "someone" is encouraging him to speak with the media. Could it's be part of the plan to prepare us for another lockdown?

Saw him yesterday on the news. Haven't seen him since last Nov. a few days before that last lockdown. Makes sense.[/quote]

Glad Beaumont took the time to get their shit together during the lockdown when the hospitals were empty. Beaumont is about the $ and that’s it. If they gave a fudge about people they would have gotten their surge plans and equipment in order when they had the time. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that surges would occur as you ease restrictions even with vaccines rolling out.[/quote]
Would be nice if they hired a cleaning crew too. Last time I was in there around New Years it was not good. Used gloves, thermometer caps, and little papers all over the floor. It sat there for days. Hopefully they cleaned it before the next person took my bed. I thought they'd be paying special attention to that stuff now. I guess not.
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